Alternative Allegiant Ending


Right I know some people haven’t been happy with the Allegiant ending so basically I had a go at writing an alternative one people may like. If you haven’t read Allegiant yet, don’t read this!

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This is amazing.

me: *plans story in head*
me: *knows every single plot twist to happen*
me: *plans update schedule and chapter lengths*
me: *knows what the five sequels will be about*
me: *writes down first sentence*
me: shit I give up


"You know what, Katniss? I’m done. I can’t do thing anymore tonight." Peeta sighed, his shoulders sinking in defeat. Katniss watched the fight drain out of him, the usual resignation setting in. "Not when you won’t tell me what’s wrong."

She hated this part of their arguments the most. Where Peeta stopped shouting and just gave up. He would always act so level-headed about it, telling her he needed some time to think. She wished he would go on shouting. Shouting she could handle. It was the leaving she had a problem with.

He would always come back. She knew, deep down, he’d never really leave her. That he would just spend the night over at Haymitch’s, coming back the following morning smelling faintly of white liquor and ready to talk. 

Tonight, she couldn’t stand the thought of him leaving. The idea of her own thoughts consuming her, swallowing her whole, terrified her. She was going to break without him there. The fear that had been welling up inside her for weeks was ready to take over. 

"I’ll be back after while, okay?" Peeta mumbled, angling his body towards the door. Katniss’ heart started to beat wildly in her chest as she watched him about to take his leave of her

"Goodnight." Peeta turned away.

"I’m pregnant." She was surprised she hadn’t shouted it at the top of her lungs. The pressure of keeping such a fact to herself for weeks had made her feel like she was going to burst.

Peeta whipped around sharply, staring at her intensely. Like he couldn’t believe what Katniss had just said.

"What?" His tone matched his shocked expression.

Anonymous requested Katniss telling Peeta she was pregnant.

😫 the feels

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Happiest status in the world… Sort of lol ( not being single would be nice at times😕)

Happiest status in the world… Sort of lol ( not being single would be nice at times😕)

I like you, here’s a gifset: Theo James


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😂 this is cute

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R for Raniya! ( that’s my name) long i lol

R for Raniya! ( that’s my name) long i lol

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Well then… I strangly like this

Well then… I strangly like this

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AU: Conversations with the ghost of you

In which Tobias has imaginary conversations with Tris, because he knows she’d make him feel better when things get bad. Although, sometimes it’s hard to pretend and instead of helping, it makes matters worse.

This killed me

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Theo James with Douglas Booth and George MacKay for GQ.

There are no words…